Top 5 things to do in Central Park with your elderly parents

things-to-do Oct 09, 2020

Central Park is well-beloved by the elderly. The fresh air, green lawns, the calmness, and serenity perfectly suit the temper and needs of our older friends and family. The park offers a lot of activities in these surroundings that are well-loved by the elders. Check the top 5 things to do in Central Park with your elders.

Visit the American Museum of Natural History

The AMNH is a significant part of Central Park. The museum provides some of the best possible opportunities in the world for meeting new cultures of different ages.

AMNH’s exhibitions are divided into two groups – permanent and temporary. Some of the best permanent exhibitions include Earth and Planetary Sciences Halls, Fossil Halls, Human Origins, and Cultural Halls among the rest.

The temporary exhibitions have received grand success with Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration, Brain: The Inside Story, and Dinosaurs Among Us.

Central Park Zoo

central park zoo

The Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the park. What makes is so unique is the way the areas are divided. They are thematically zoned and named appropriately – Tropic Zone, Temperate Territory, Penguins, and Sea Birds section, Grizzly Bear & Treena’s Overlook, Polar Circle, Central Garden & Sea Lion Pool, and Allison Maher Stern Snow Leopard.

Probably the most loved attractions in the park are the sea lions and penguins feeding. They are scheduled depending on the time and the season, so you need to check the schedule on the Zoo’s website.

Get them on a pedicab tour

Pedicabs are the newest trend when it comes to ways of exploring Central Park. The pedicab or a cycle rickshaw, is quickly gaining popularity due to it being mobile and ecologically friendly. They are a great alternative to the carriage tours that use animal labor.

pedicab tours central park

That is why it is the new trend when it comes to urban (or in our case – park) tours. We at Central Park Tours provide one of the first and best pedicab tours in Central Park. You can sit down, relax, and allow our experienced guide to show you the best landmarks in the park.

You can find more info here

Shakespeare in the Park

Well, we all love theater. This is a less-flashier addition to Broadway

This is an annual theatrical event that stages Shakespearean plays on the open stage of the Delacorte Theater.

delacorte theater

This Central Park tradition was established in 1954 by Joseph Papp. The workshops change several locations until they found their home in Central Park. There is a curious story between Papp and park commissioner Robert Moses. Moses demanded that Papp charge the shows (who were free of charge), but Papp refused, so they went to the court. After losing, Moses was quoted saying "well, let's build the bastard a theater", thus conceiving the idea of the Delacorte Theater.

The stage of Shakespeare in the park was graced by some of the all-time great of both stage and cinema. The likes of Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Martin Sheen, and Al Pacino have all played on the open stage.

Visit the Strawberry Fields

The memorial is dedicated to John Lennon, who lived with Yoko Ono just meters away from the park in his last days, before being subsequently murdered outside his home on December 8th, 1980.

The memorial is named after the famous Beatles song “Strawberry fields forever” and is a piece of sacred ground, dedicated to paying homage to the late Beatle. Fans of both the band and good music place gifts and keepsakes to honor the great musician.

conservatory garden

Just sit back and relax

Central Park’s recreational capabilities are limitless. You can sit back on The Great Lawn, lay your blanket down on Sheep Meadow, relax next to The Lake, or the Harlem Meer. Take a long walk next to the Reservoir, or enjoy a game at the Heckscher ballfields. You can relax and just watch the people from the Belvedere, or enjoy the whispers of the water at the Bethesda Terrace (next to the Fountain), or at the Conservatory Gardens. You have all the options in the world!

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