Central Park Bike Tours

The Central Park Bike Tour is our most popular tour. You will discover all major sights inside the Park and for around 2 hours. Book now: +1 (347) 746-8687.

A lot of people prefer taking the bicycle tour because it combines the advantages of biking and getting quickly from one point to another with the benefit of having numerous stops where you will leave the bicycle and explore the most breathtaking sights on foot.

We provide high quality and wide variety of well-maintained bicycles. Our experienced tour guides who will accompany you on your journey through the most fascinating urban park in the United States. If you wish to explore the park by yourself, we can offer you to rent one of our comfortable bicycles. Our Central Park Bike Rental service is among the best in the city.

Most popular places on the tour
Strawberry Fields Jackie Onassis Reservoir The Belvedere Castle
The Shakespeare Garden Bethesda Terrace The Great Meadow
The Wollman Ice Skating Rink

Every year Central Park welcomes 37 million tourists from all over the world. Definitely, this is the most famous urban park in the world! With it’s 850 acres green space, full of amazing gardens, beautiful woods and lakes, this is the closest way to feel the nature in the heart of Manhattan. Also, there is a variety of breathtaking landmarks to see, such as: Strawberry Fields, Turtle Pound, Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Terrace, Shakespeare Garden, Central Park Zoo and many more! And may be the best way to see all this is to rent a bike and join one of our Central Park bike tours.

Do not worry that you are a beginner and don’t ride a bike very often. There is no need to be skilled biker, our tours are ideal for people of any skill level. Also, our professional and experienced guides will ensure that you’ll not miss a single landmark, beautiful sight or interesting monument on your way. Also they will tell you everything you need to know about the landmarks you are passing by. You, of course, can stop whenever you want, take pictures, walk a bit or ask questions to your guide about anything you want to know. Because all this, bike tours have become the favorite way of exploration for many people.

The start point of the tour is Fancy Apple Bike Store (870 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019). There are plenty of beautiful things that are waiting to be seen. One of them is the famous Belvedere Castle. Located in the heart of the Central Park, this is a magnificent folly. It is a small but fascinating edifice that brings a combination of Gothic and Romanesque architecture to the modern Manhattan. It was completed in 1869 and opened for tourists in 1983. You can also enjoy the Shakespeare Garden on your way to the castle. Right in the feet of the Belvedere Castle and the Vista Rock is located the picturesque Turtle Pond. The waters of the pond are home to five types of turtles, which live there the year round and actually the small lake is named after them. Another very interesting location is the Central Park Zoo, which is home to over 130 species. And these are just some of the great attractions Central Park can offer to it’s visitors! Central Park also has some hard to find treasure views that you will be able to see.

So do not wonder anymore, take your good mood and big smile, don’t forget your cameras and come here for a ride that you’ll never forget! Before you start the tour, we will give you everything you need for your safety and comfort: a helmet, a basket, a lock and a map. Then, you only need to choose a bike and you are ready to go on your own 2 hours long adventure in the most famous park in the world!

Call now +1 (347) 746-8687 if you need additional information.


$ 53,- per person
You receive:
Brand new bikes
Certified tour guide