Central Park Bike Tour

Our bicycle tour has been ranked as one the top 5 things to do in Central Park by TripAdvisor. It is the only tour that covers the entire length of Central Park and it provides an excellent overview of the whole park.

The tour takes approximately 2 hours and it includes various stops along the way. On those stops, you can park the bicycle and go for a short stroll along some of the most stunning views of Central Park.

Including Bethesda Terrace, Strawberry Fields, The Bow Bridge, Balto and many more. In addition, you will also visit some of the hidden places in Central Park - the Ravine, the secret waterfall and of course our team’s favorite - the Central Park Ramble!

bike tour in central park

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What to see in Central Park

Here is a list of the top attractions that will be covered on this tour.

central park bike rentals

1.Balto Statue

This is the famous Balto Statue In Central Park. The statue is placed on a rock along the main road It was permanently installed there in 1925

Central park bike tours

2.Strawberry Fields

A tribute to the famous Beatle John Lennon! Located right across the street from his residence Dakota Building!

central park bike rentals

3.Tavern on the green

An iconic restaurant located in a former sheepfold. Very elegant dining place often frequented by celebrities, actors and musicians.

Central park bike tours
Central park bike tours

4.Cherry Hill

Named for the gorgeous cherry trees located Near the Lake. It opens a stunning view of the Upper West Side and the San Remo building

5.Belvedere Castle

It is a miniature castle located on top of Vista Rock overlooking the Great Lawn. Used as a National Weather Service station up until 1919.

Central park bike tours

6.Bethesda Terrace

One of the most beautiful spots in Central Park. Located in the perfect center of the island. It opens a mesmarizing view of the Lake and the famous row boats


What People Say

frequently asked questions


How Big is Central Park?

Central Park is 843 acres! It spans from 59th street in Midtown all the way to 110 street in Uptown and from 5th Ave on the east all the way to Central Park West. It is a very large public park and people visiting often forget how large the park is. If you want to walk around the entire park, make sure you plan for the entire day.

How long does it take to cycle around central park?

It takes approximately 2 hours to cycle around the entire park. That is of course for average cyclists. There are professional cyclists who can do the loop for less than 30 minutes. There are a few uphils in Central Park (mostly in the north park of the park) but generally it is fairly easy terrain.

How fit do I need to be for the bike tour?

An average level of experience is required, although beginner bikers and even kids are perfectly fine doing the 2 hour tour around the park. There might be 1 or 2 uphills where you can walk the bike if you feel tired. How many people will be on the tour: We like to keep our groups small and personal. There shouldn't be more than 8-10 people per group. You can also request a private group tour, if you have a larger group and would like to have a private tour.

Where does the bike tour start from?

Our bike tours start from our store located at 870 7th Ave, New York, NY, It is only a few blocks from the entrance of the park. Don’t worry considering our close proximity to Central Park, you will not be biking in the crazy NYC traffic. We will walk the bikes on the sidewalk until we get to the entrance of the park.

How many stops are on the tour?

The bike tour includes more than 6 stops inside the park. Your tour guide will show you all sights in Central Park, including the hidden ones. The best thing is that after a brief explanation, you can take a short stroll while the guide stays with the bikes.