Central Park Pedicab Tour

Our guided pedicab tours in Central Park, offer an exciting alternative to walking or biking. Just sit back and relax in one of our rickshaws while we take you on a ride around the most famous part of Central Park. Book now: +1 (347) 746-8687.

If you have only an hour or so to spend in the park, then the 50 minute loop is perfect for you. The tour covers the lower part, where most of Central Park sights are concentrated.

If however, you devoted an entire day to see the Park (a very wise decision by the way) or at least couple of hours, we recommend booking a 2 hour pedicab tour that covers the entire Central Park.

Don't worry as with all of our tours, you will be making plenty of stops for pictures and walking. In case you prefer cycling or walking, we can offer you a bike tour or walking tour around this magnificent place.

Most popular places on the tour
Strawberry Fields The Literary Walk The Belvedere Castle
The Shakespeare Garden Bethesda Terrace The Mall
Tavern on the Green The San Remo Alice in wonderland

If you think that riding a bike is not for you. Central Park is a large place. With it’s 843 acres covered with green gardens and nice alleys, riding through the whole park is not an easy task. If you prefer more relaxing way to enjoy the beautiful sights of Central Park, we think that a comfortable tour with one of our pedicabs is perfect for you.

The rickshaws can fit two adults, so you can share this experience with a friend. Pedicab tours can be very romantic and we think that this could be a good way to spend some time with your beloved one. This way of travelling through the park becomes more and more popular in time and people very like it! Escape for a while from Manhattan’s buildings and skyscrapers and enjoy your time among the nature visiting park’s landmarks in a very pleasant way. You can rest while exploring more and more new beautiful places and, at the same time, learn interesting facts about the park’s history and architecture and it’s most popular places from the movies from your personal driver and guide.

The Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, The Shakespeare Garden, Tavern on the Green and Alice in wonderland are just some of the popular places you will see during your ride. You will pass by the places where some of the greatest movies were shot. And in the end, you will discover the hidden secrets of the park that even some New Yorkers have trouble finding.

You just need to sit down and relax and your personal driver will guide you through Central Park’s beautiful sights. Our friendly staff members will help you to spend a great time and will be happy to share their knowledge about the park’s history with you.
Do not worry if you want to walk a bit, it’s not a problem. When you want to stretch your legs, just notify your driver and he will stop for a few minutes. Your driver will wait for you. You can stop to take a picture, too. Our drivers are very experienced and knowledgeable and will try to make your time as pleasant as possible. We recommend you to take a 2 hour long tour that covers the entire park, so you can see most of the major landmarks in the park. So make sure your camera battery is full and jump in the pedicab for a ride!

Call now: +1 (347) 746-8687.


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