Best Picnic Spots in Central Park

things-to-do Dec 04, 2020

We all enjoy a good meal, but do you know what can make it even better? A great place to have it, and Central Park offers a huge load of great places for you to have a good bite of food and enjoy some bird song, the whisper of the leafs, or an amazing view.

Picnics are also perfect to enjoy some quality time with friends and family, and is an amazing option for a romantic date! Here are some of our favorite spots to enjoy a great picnic in Central Park.

1. Arthur Ross Pinetum

  • we all love the scent of pine trees in the air. After all, it is a home of 17 different species of evergreens. Situated just north of the Great Lawn, it offers designated picnic areas. It also has some swings in the western part, and basketball courts in the eastern (just next to Metropolitan Museum of Art).

2. Great Hill

  • lovely wooded area, dominated mostly by elm trees. It is a great pick for its calmness and heavy shadows in the hot summer days. A huge bonus is that Great Hill is equipped with picnic tables and public restrooms.

3. The Pool

  • it’s always amazing to have a picnic next to some water pool. A calm and rather quiet place far from the more nosy parts, it offers peace, relaxation and freshness in the hot days.

4. Cherry Hill

  • a romantic one here! This place is an arena for first dates, weddings, anniversaries, and so on. Very picturesque, especially when the cherries start to bloom. Calm and welcoming place, offering an amazing view on The Lake and Bethesda Terrace.

5. East Green

  • it can be divided into two parts – Southern and Northern. The southern is the more dynamic and noisy one, because of the playground. The northern is more quiet and shady. You can just pick a bench, sit and relax. East Green is amazing to combine with the Central Park Zoo, which is just next door.

6. East Meadow

  • located at the Fifth Avenue, it underwent a large reconstruction in 2011, thus becoming the Emerald jewel of the avenue. It is very popular due to the relatively easy access, especially amongst families with kids.

7. Cedar Hill

  • it is more popular as a winter destination when its hills become sledding tracks. Well, it turns into one of the preferred picnic destinations when the snow melts. Due to its location, Cedar Hill is a great spot for sunbathing.

8. The Great Lawn and Turtle pond – an obvious pick

  • The Great Lawn is so huge (55 acres) that you can always find a spot to put down your blanket. It is right at the heart of Central Park, so you can visit everything, or go through it eventually. It is always a great idea to sit back on it and relax for a moment.

9. Belvedere Castle

  • it is the highest point of Central Park and the views are amazing! Also, there’s a lake and a lawn next to it, so that makes Belvedere a perfect place for your picnic.

10. Sheep Meadow

  • what is your definition of a “picnic spot”? A large, pastoral lawn? Just like ours! The coolest thing about it is that it’s a quiet zone. That means – no screaming, no running, no loud music and no pets. If you’re here for some peace and relaxation then this is your place.

A weird historical fact is that in the 1850s large gatherings (including picnics) were prohibited due to security reasons, but were allowed after easing the measures in the 1870s. This is amazing, because Central Park is a loved picnic location of both natives and guests of New York City. No weekend would be the same without some quality time on the blanket on Sheep Meadow, the Great Lawn and Cedar Hill.

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