Belvedere Castle

If you’re wondering why is there a castle in the center of Central Park, then it’s main goal has been fulfilled. Belvedere Castle was originally designed by Vaux and Mould as a Victorian Folly – a fantastic structure providing some of the best views, as well as one of the best backgrounds for pictures (and a place to take amazing pictures of the park).

And Belvedere is an astonishing structure – with its stone façade, turret, and flag, the castle looks as impressive as any European castle.

Belvedere plays an important role in New York City’s weather forecasts. For more than a century it is used as a measuring point for the wind speed and direction. Rainfall is recorded just to the south.
In 1983 the castle was reopened after a major renovation and now housed the Henry Luce Nature Observatory.

Through the course of its existence, the Belvedere was and is one of the most popular locations of Central Park, drawing visitors with its architecture and as being the second-highest point in the park. Its name means “beautiful view” in Italian.