Hamilton Monument

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Alexander Hamilton is one of the Founding Father of the US. The statue that was place in the Park was carved by Carl H. Conrads in 1880, and was donated by one of Hamilton’s sons – John C. Hamilton.
The easiest way to see his portrait is to just take a look at a $10 bill. Considered to be a legal and financial mastermind, he is credited for introducing the US dollar, as well as establishing the National bank and the US Treasury.
He was George Washington’s most trusted confidant during the American war of Independence.
Hamilton was fatally shot in a duel by his political opponent – Vice president (to be) Aaron Burr. He is buried in Trinity Church.

Alexander Hamilton is the main protagonist in Broadway megahit “Hamilton” by author Lin- Manuel Miranda.
It is one of the most popular shows on Broadway, winning numerous Tony Awards, a Grammy Award, and even a Pulitzer.