Sex and the City and NYC

May 25, 2022

Many generations of women have grown up with the iconic TV series Sex and the City. You guessed it right- I am also one of them. I loved everything about the TV show and have seen each season at least three times. I loved the outfits, the drama, the wisdom and the fun that the awesome foursome was bringing with each episode.

We take a look at some of the most iconic Sex and the City locations in NYC which are an absolute must visit!

  1. Carrie Bradshow and her NYC apartment

Carrie Bradshow is really a character with no expiration date. A journalist, a girl in love with NYC and a woman who is on the lookout for real, deep love. Her stories make us laugh, sob, connect and dream. Carrie lived in this beautiful rent-controlled apartment supposedly on 245 East 73rd Street. The apartment was small, but very personalized with a beautiful walk-in closed and a cozy bedroom. The first 3 seasons, the apartment was located at 64 Perry Street before jumping next door to 66 Perry Street.

2. The Yankee Stadium and going back into the game

Carrie and her relationship with Big starts from the first season of the show pretty much to its very end. Breakups, getting back together moments, a full rollercoaster of love and drama. During one of the more severe breakups, the other girls take Carrie to a Yankee game at the stadium. A ball is dropped behind the court, Carrie catches it and later on has a player sign it for her. She then asks the same player out in an attempt to 'get back in the game.'

3. Louis K. Maisel Gallery and Charlotte

Charlotte- the most innocent one, the one with a big white wedding dream, the romantic one but also as much of a serial dater as the others, used to manage this gallery before meeting and marrying Tray, the wealthy doctor.

4. The Loeb Boathouse aka Carrie and Big

Shortly after one of their many breakups, Big invites Carrie to lunch at the Loeb Boathouse. Carrie wants to keep a safe physical and emotional distance, thus when Big tries to kiss her on the cheek, she pulls back and accidentally falls into the lake, pulling in Big too.

5. Manolo Blanhik

Manolo Blanhik or otherwise known as Carrie's true love is features with his stores numerous times in the TV series. Carrie loves shopping both as therapy and as a fashionist necessity, so you'll see many beautiful pairs of shoes featured on the show.

6. The Plaza Hotel

Carrie runs into Big's engagement party outside The Plaza Hotel, where Big is marrying Natasha. At this moment Carrie realizes that Big just couldn't tame her and that she actually wasn't meant to be tamed at all.

7. Soho House NY and Samantha

Samantha- the sex loving, liberated and super sexy character is a famous PR in NYC and cannot miss a 'happening' place. After struggling to get into the newly opened Soho House NY, she finds someone else's card and pretends to be her in order to be let it. Little after, her scheme is figured out by the staff and the girls get kicked out.

8. St Mark's Comics

A cute comics store in the East Village, where Carrie used to fix her shoes, when it used to be a repair shop. Carrie meets the charming and YOUNG comics store owner and they go on a couple of dates, including one at his family's apartment where they get busted by his mother.

9. Magnolia Bakery

The famous bakery is featured in a number of scenes, where Carrie and Miranda gossip over mouth-watering cupcakes. The bakery is still there, welcoming tens of visitors daily.

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