New York City Airports Guide

Tours Apr 17, 2020

People ask Google all the time all kinds of questions – where to eat, what’s trendy, where to travel and so on. But when it comes to airport travel, the most common question every traveler is asking is “How to get there?”. Taking a taxi or arranging a personal transfer are not options suitable for everyone. Most of you are probably seeking a more affordable way of travel to and from the airport.
Let’s see what are best and more budget-friendly options to get to any New York’s three major airports.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK Airport

It is one the busiest air passenger gateways in the USA with more than 56 millions of passengers every year. It is located about 15 miles South of central Manhattan. Car drive to the airport usually takes more than 40 minutes. If this is your first time in NYC, you will probably arrive at JFK Airport.

Check your travel options:


As everywhere in the world train services are always among the fastest and most convenient choice for travel. The AirTrain stops at all passenger terminals at the Airport. You can take it even if you like to go from Terminal to Terminal. Your ride to another Terminal would be free of charge. The train service works 24 hours a day and its very regular, different train stops at the JFK Airport every 3 minutes.

Connections: If you travel from central Manhattan Penn Station you will have to make a connection to the AirTrain at Jamaica Subway Station.

From Lower or Upper Manhattan, your connection point is Howard Beach Station. To reach Upper Manhattan you must make another connection at Howard Station. From there you can take the Subway or a bus.

Time for travel:
From Penn Station – 50 minutes
Lower Manhattan/ Howard Beach Station – 60 minutes
Upper Manhattan – 75 minutes

Tickets & Prices : You can buy tickets both from ticket machines or from an authorized ticket merchants at the stations. If you intend to use the Subway more often you can buy Metrocard. Prices for you travel with added cost for subway travel /$2.75/will be $7.75.


NYC Airporter is the most common used bus operator. It provides bus transfer to the Airport from Grand Central Station, Penn Station, and Bryant Park / which is nearby Port Authority Station/. The bus service operates from 5 AM to 11:30 PM every day on every 30 minutes.

Time for travel: From Grand Central to the JFK Airport is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Tickets & Prices: You need to book your journey online, you cannot pay in the bus or use ticket machine. The average price for one-way journey from Grand Central to JFK is between $16 and 19$ per person.

LaGuardia Airport


LaGuardia Airport is closer than JFK / in about 8 miles from midtown Manhattan/. However this is not always a good thing when you travel. Because it’s near to the city, there isn’t an AirTrain service and your options are a taxi, rental or public transport. If you choose the public bus transport you will have to make a lot of connections. Bus shuttle with NYC Airporter is also an option.


M60 Bus has long route with many stations and connects LaGuardia Airport with West 125th Street, which is in midtown Manhattan. You can make different connections with the 12 Subway lines: Lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and lines A, B, C, N and Q. M60 operates everyday from 4:50 AM to 1 AM and you travel for $2,75. If you make change from the Subway and you have Metrocard, you don’t have to pay again for your travel.

NYC Airporter again is also a good choice. They offer bus transfer to LaGuardia as well. The price is higher, but the service spares you additional connections.

Time for travel: From Grand Central to the LaGuardia Airport is approximately 1 hour
Tickets & Prices: We suggest to book your ticket online. Price is $14.

Newark Airport

Newark Int Airport

Newark International Airport is NYC’s third passenger gateway, located 15 miles southwest of midtown Manhattan. You have several options to travel to and from Newark.


Again the AirTrain is fast & comfortable option. AirTrain connects Newark Liberty Airport Station with all Terminals. This means you have to reach the station first. AirTrain picks up passengers from the Station in every 3 minutes from 5AM to 12PM and in 15 minutes in the night. Depending on your Terminal /A,B or C/ the travel with the AirTrain is between 7 and 11 minutes, almost nothing.

How to reach Newark Liberty Airport Station? From central Manhattan, you can take train called NJ Transit. NJ Trains run every day from 5 AM to 2 PM. Train departs on every 15 minutes to Newark Liberty Station.

Time for travel: 20 minutes

Tickets & Prices: You can buy tickets from machines or agents at every station – Airport, Newark Liberty Station or every NJ Station. The price for one way journey from Penn Station to the Airport is $13 and this includes the AirTrain fare.


Newark Airport Express Bus is great way to travel with bus, it is also fast and biggest advantage is you don’t have to make connections. Passengers can take this bus from Grand Central, Bryant Park or Port Authority Station. The bus stops at all 3 Terminals at the Airport.

Time for travel: between 40 and 60 minutes

Tickets & Prices: You should make your booking online. One way tickets for adult costs $16 and children travel for free, students and disabled receive discount.

Transfers to All Airports

Private and Shared Transfers

Go Airlink NYC is a company which offers shared and private transfers to the Airport. Private transfer has become even more popular, as it provides comfort and spends efforts of making complex travel plans. You are able to choose your pick up location – address, transportation hubs or a hotel. The shuttle will drop you off at your Terminal. If you travel in the opposite way, you should go to Go shared ride Desk and travel agents will point you to the right shuttle.

Time for travel: The time varies depending on your primal/final destination- from 1 hour to 1:40 minutes

Tickets & Prices: Online booking, prices start with $17

Super Shuttle operates just like the company listed above. You can get on board from your address or simply go to one of the transportation hubs in Manhattan, like Grand Central, Penn Station or Port Authority.

Time for travel: The time varies depending on your primal/final destination- from 1 hour to 1:40 minutes

Tickets & Prices: Online booking, prices are between $19 and $25.

When you have safely arrived in NYC there are million things to do and see. Here are part 1 and part 2 of our Central Park Guide. You can choose an activity or landmark to visit. While you make up your mind, we @ Central Park Tours Inc would like to recommend you our Central Park Bike Tour.

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