Lincoln Center's 'Summer for the City'

Jun 10, 2022

Summer for the City is Lincoln Center's new initiative taking place from May till August, which aims at lining up experiences that will rejuvenate, inspire and uplift through the healing powers of the arts.

The curation unifies what it means to be, breathe and live in NYC culturally, physically and spiritually.It aims at providing a taste of what this multifacet city has to offer. Expect social dance, singalongs, pre-performance rituals, civic activations, and much more. Most of the events are free or choose-what-you-pay.

We take a look at some of the most thrilling upcoming events, which you shall not miss this weekend!

This Friday 10th June, you can enjoy an orchestral tribute to NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Brooklyn represents to the fullest with multi-instrumentalist and composer Miguel Atwood-Ferguson's orchestral celebration of the musical legacy of iconic New York emcee The Notorious B.I.G.

This Lincoln Center premiere, supported by The Estate of the Notorious B.I.G., will feature a concert symphony performance of his most well known songs from the multi-platinum album Ready to Die and 11 x Platinum Life After Death, featuring special guest and an extensive live set from regular B.I.G. collaborators.

NYC's legendary DJ collective The Originals, featuring Clark Kent, Stretch Armstrong, Rich Medina and Tony Touch will add their incredible musical curation to compliment this iconic evening.

Coming hot on the heels of the concert is a Silent Disco on The Oasis in celebration of the Notorious B.I.G.—first-come, first-served via General Admission. Dance to an expertly selected set of music gems and undeniable hits from Brooklyn legend Christopher Wallace, one of the true powerhouses of 90s hip hop and considered by many to be The GOAT - Greatest Of All Time.

On Saturday, 11th June, you can enjoy an electrifying jazz afternoon. Led by a band and followed by members of the community, this New Orleans tradition has been a colorful and vivacious practice of celebration and mourning for hundreds of years among African American and Creole cultures. Following the processional, there will be a 45 minute performance from the band. Come out and experience the New Orleans style “joie de vivre” right here in New York!

Sunday, 12th June - Rivers of renewal

Phingbodhipakkiya’s Rivers of Renewal offers the opportunity to shed anguish and start over, letting go of whatever might weigh us down. Each April, Thai people celebrate the start of a new year during the Songkran festival, where everyone from children to elders takes part in throwing water at one another. The spirit of Songkran lives in this piece as visitors are invited to find release by throwing water at a cylindrical tapestry of mixed media and pigment. With every splash, the pigments run together creating rivulets and textures dripping from the tapestry onto the ground, creating a grand, layered commemoration of community catharsis. With this piece, we create a monument to restoration and renewal, celebrating the transformation that we’ve witnessed and the peace that follows.

One thing is sure- there is plenty happening in the city this weekend so hop on the train and enjoy all those experiences!

If you need any assistance with booking a NYC experience you can contact our team at - (347) 746 - 8687 or on

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