Kid-friendly adventures in Central Park

things-to-do Jan 01, 2021

Kids love Central Park! All the open lawns, narrow paths, and forest patches provide a great place for running, jumping and hiding. And the playgrounds are an excellent way for entertainment for kids of all ages. These kid-friendly adventures in Central Park make it a well-loved place by both parents and children!

Tisch Children's Zoo

The best place for smaller kids to interact and learn about animals in a fun and safe environment. It features a small petting zoo that homes domestic animals like cows, sheep, goats, and more! The kids also have the opportunity to feed the animals themselves! There are food dispenser near the animal pens. It is a part of the Central Park Zoo.

Central Park Zoo

central park zoo

Speaking of the Central Park Zoo…It is one of the most famous and most beloved kid-friendly adventures in Central Park. It is most famous for the sea lion and penguin feeding that attract a high number of visitors. The park is thematically designed to represented different areas inhabited by animals from it. It was also featured in the smash hit animated movie “Madagascar” where the Alex, Marty, the penguins and the rest make their initial escape from it.


All 21 one of them! Each playground provide different kid friendly adventure in Central Park. Six of them are located in the northern part, three of them in the center, seven on The Great Lawn, and five – in the South End. The most notable playgrounds are the Bernard Family Playground (located just next to the Harlem Meer), Tarr Family Playground, Tarr-Coyne Wild West Playground, Safari Playground, Arthur Ross Pinetum Playground, and the Heckscher Playground (the oldest and largest playground in the park). All of the feature specific attractions that make them more interesting, adventurous, and educational that the average!

heckscher playground

Ice skating and swimming

Two season-depending attractions. You can practice both at the Lasker Rink and Pool. It was recently renovated and provides excellent conditions for both activities.

The Lasker Pool provides free swimming and even free swimming lessons in summer. The Rink can host ice skating and hockey matches. It also provides lessons for people of all ages, as well as skate rentals.

Another amazing option for ice skating is the Wollman Rink. It is the largest ice skating rink in Central Park. It was opened in 1950, and is featured in several movies like “Love Story” and “Serendipity”.


To be more precise – real boating, and model sail-boating!

You can practice the actual activity at The Lake by renting a boat form the Loeb Boathouse (be sure to try their restaurant after your boat trip). The Loeb Boathouse owns a fleet of 100 boats, and several gondolas (that you’re better to reserve in advance).

the lake

Model sail-boating is a different breed of fun. It is directed towards the craftier kids and parents. You can rent a model sailboat that is remotely-operated and powered by the wind. The whole ordeal takes action at the Conservatory Water.


Those are not the only kid-friendly adventures in Central Park. The park provides more great activities like fishing at the Harlem Meer, storytelling at the Hans Christian Andresen statue, riding at the Carousel, and the Marinette Theatre amongst the rest! You just need to get outside and bring your kids to the park! Adventure awaits!

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