Where can you rent bikes in Central Park?

Renting bikes in central park

Renting bikes in central park

There are so many things to do in Central Park. New York’s biggest park offers activities for people of all ages and everyone can find an interesting activity for themselves in the park.  Those of you who like to be active in the nature will be interested to know where we can rent bikes in Central Park.


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Which airport is closest to Central Park?

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There is no better way to experience Central Park’s amazing beauty than going there. It’s a top tourist destination not only in America but it also attracts thousands of  tourists each year from all corners of the world.  We should not miss to see this iconic world-famous park when we are visiting New York.

There are so many things to see in this park that you won’t manage to do this in just one day.  But if you are planning to go to Central Park then you may like to know what are the places that surround it. Continue reading “Which airport is closest to Central Park?”

The Wonder That a Central Park Tour Can Offer

Central Park is definitely one of the must-see attractions in the New York City. It attracts over 37 million tourists every year, as many amazing tourist sights are concentrated in this beautiful park. Since it is large in a territory, covering 850 acres, it is impossible to take a look at all the major attractions it offers by foot, especially if your time is limited.

For this reason, there are various Central Park Tours available to meet the needs of all these curious tourists. However, the fastest and the cheapest way to examine the wonders of this park is taking a bicycle tour, which continues for 2 hours and includes all of the major Central Park marvels.

Advantages of the Central Park Bike Tours

Taking a Central Park Bike Tour has multiple advantages.

  • It is offered multiple times throughout the day, so people can take it regardless of the time they arrive.
  • It is family friendly, so tourists and their families are welcome.
  • It is guided by a polite and professional guide, who will tell you the most intriguing and important information about each specific sight.
  • All the bicycles are well-maintained and of high quality to ensure safe and memorable tours.

Central Park Landmarks

The duration of the Central Park Bike Tour is 2 hours, during which period you will get acquainted with the most significant attractions of the park. These include:

  • Strawberry Fields, which cover a territory of 2.5 acre. This beautiful area is lined with elm trees, rocks, flowers and shrubs and is a quiet zone in the park away from the busy attractions. It pays tribute to John Lennon. The Imagine black and white mosaic is named after the Lennon’s popular song Imagine. There is also a bronze plaque with a list of over 120 countries that donated money for this area maintenance and planted flowers here. The Strawberry Fields is now also known as the Garden of Peace.


  • The Shakespeare Garden is a great place for relaxing and strolls. It is particularly vibrant in spring time with its lovely flora and provides a romantic and serene atmosphere that is perfect for organizing weddings. The Delacorte Theatre is located nearby, where “Shakespeare in the Park” series are held annually during the summer.


  • The Wollman Ice Skating Rink is surrounded by the Manhattan’s splendor and provides unique ice-skating experience. The attraction is open from the end of October to the beginning of April.


  • Jackie Onassis Reservoir is a lovely large lake located in the northern part of the Central Park.


  • Bethesda Terrace with its breathtaking views of the woods and the Central Park Lake consists of upper and lower terraces. The latter features a majestic Bethesda Fountain.


  • The Belvedere Castle features two balconies with panoramic views to the Ramble, The Turtle Pond, the Great Lawn, the Delacorte Theatre and other significant landmarks of the Central Park. There is a large collection of history artifacts inside, along with telescopes and microscopes to help the naturalists examine the world. This castle is also a great location for birdwatchers, who would like to take a look at kestrel, hawk or


  • The Great Meadow lies on 23 acres and involves twelve large fields that can be used for baseball, softball, soccer or touch football.

If you are in the Central Park for the first time, it is definitely worth to take one of the adventurous Central Park Bike Tours.

The place to be – Central Park

Ask yourself: How much have you been busy the past months? How much time you waist to go to work and get back to home every single day? When did you last went out for a walk in the nature? When did you last do something with your friends different than going to the bar?

You probably reached to a conclusion that you haven’t done something else than being busy all the time. This reflects on your emotions too! How have you been feeling lately? Has this busy world made you happy for at least one time? Take a break and escape the big city! Central Park can be the happy place for you!

And how can we help you? We offer different fun tours around Central Park! But why should you go to a Central Park tour? Our tours gather lots of people from different countries and cultures – what a better way to escape your monotonous everyday life or you can even meet the love of your life there, who knows?

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Aren’t you excited yet? Take a break! Create happy moments in your life! As it’s said: You only live once, right? Don’t spend your whole life on the road to work and in the office! See our official tours or rent a bike now!