Best things to do in NYC this weekend

Apr 20, 2022

With finer weather, more opportunities for enjoying the outdoors and the weekend days rise up in NYC. Here are some of our top picks

1. Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace

Rockfeller Center is tranforming into a groovy rollescate rink, bringing in the iconic West Hollywood mecca of uninhibited fun. The roller rink designed by Bureau Betak is smaller than the ice skating rink, but has plenty of things to offer. At a rink level restored as in the original architecture, it will have a spectator spot as well as much light and air.

The rink is meant to welcome live DJ sets, music performances, concerts, boogie nights and delicious food.

The rink also supports an important cause- mental health awareness and open discussion around this topic. As shared by the rink's co-founder and creative director Liberty Ross, the goal is to have world-class spaces built, supporting free self-expression and judgement-free fun.

The tickets are available for 20$ excluding skate rentals.

2. Free Entry to NYC National Parks

The week marks National Park Week and to celebrate it, parks across the country are waiving their entrance fee on Saturday. There are more than 24 national parks in the state of New York, so there is plenty to choose from. Our pick goes to Statue of Libery national monument as an evergreen destination that just doesn't get old. Other great picks include Hamilton Grange National Memorial, the Gateway National Recreation Area, the Stonewall National Monument and the Governors Island National Monument.Pack your bag and go exploring!

3. Take in Jean-Michel Basquiat's artwork

'King Pleasure' that opened up in the first week of April, is showcasing some never before showcased work by the legendary Jean-Michel Basquait. The immersive exhibition explored different mediums, including paintings, drawings, multimedia and artefacts bringing a closer look to the artist's personal life. The exhibition is broken into different segments, with a part paying tribute to the artist's origins and upbringing in Brooklyn and Puerto Rico.

The exibition is run by Jean-Michel's sisters, as well as supported by huge sponsors like Spotify, Yieldstreet, VICE, Phillips and Arper.

4. Dinosour Safari

The immersive experience at the Brooklyn Zoo is back! A path filled with 52 life-sized dinosours, showcasing some of the most interesting creatures to have ever inhabited the planet. Originally started as a shuttle experience, it is now 1/4 mile long walking experience. The whole experience includes a fossil-dig area for kids, to make it even more authentic.

5. The Brooklyn Flea

Located in the cobblestone streets of Pearl Plaza, the Brooklyn Flea is NYC's most famed vintage market where you can find anything from records to amazing fashion pieces. Open from 10am-5pm on weekends, it's a great way to scavenger hunt your next wardrobe treasure and stop for a mouth-watering bite at any of the Dumbo locations.

If you need any assistance with booking a NYC experience you can contact our team at - (347) 746 - 8687 or on

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