The 8 Best NYC Galleries

Contermporary Art
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Along with all the museums in NYC visitors can find literally hundreds of smaller or bigger art galleries. New York is a city full of art galleries – modern and intriguing you can find them at every city corner. They display all kinds of art – from traditional media art, paintings and prints to contemporary art. You can see works from famous artists as well from young still unknown or rising stars. NYC galleries are strongly orientated towards contemporary art and new art forms. Continue reading “The 8 Best NYC Galleries”

7 Ways to Enjoy NYC in Summer

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New York is as interesting and diverse in the summer, as in all other seasons. If you wonder how to spend your free time, don’t worry, there are plenty of activities, most of them free to see and join. Besides all major sights, which are even more beautiful to visit in the summer, NYC offers quite a full calendar of festivals, culture and art happenings and sights of interest. Continue reading “7 Ways to Enjoy NYC in Summer”