Central Park Bike Rental

Biking in Central Park is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore the park and do it at your own pace.

You can pick up your bike from one of our convenient locations around the park. In case you are already inside the park, no worries, we can send our concierge to deliver the bike(s) to one of the many designated bike zones inside the park. At the time of booking, we will direct you to the nearest bike pick up station in the park.

Pack some light snacks and a water bottle, take one of the park maps we provide, and spend a few wonderful hours cycling in this amazing work of art called Central Park. When reserving your bike rental, you will have an option to include an audio guided tour.

bike rentals in central park

1 Hour $35

2 Hours $40

3 Hours $45

All Day (9am -7pm) $60

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central park bike rentals
central park bike rentals
central park bike rentals
central park bike rentals
central park bike rentals
central park bike rentals
central park bike rentals
central park bike rentals
central park bike rentals

What to do in Central Park

Here is a list of the top attractions that will be covered on this tour.

central park bike rentals

1.Explore The Ramble

Connected by the Bow Bridge, the Ramble is a 36-acre woodland with winding pathways and lush greenery. The most famous bird-watching spot in Central Park

central park bike rentals

2.The waterfall in the Ravine

Located in the north end of Central Park. The Ravine is One of the few left secrets in the park. Very few people know about it and the fact that there is a waterfall there.

central park bike rentals

3.Picnic on Sheep Meadow

This is the most famous picnic area in Central Park. Perfect place to park your bike and enjoy the stunning views of New York City. Make sure you bring plenty of water with you.

central park bike rentals

4.Explore Belvedere Castle

Located just 2 minutes away from the Shakespeare Garden, Belvedere castle is a famous lookout place, overlooking the Great Lawn and Turtle Pond. There is also a bike rack near the castle

central park bike rentals

5.Catch a free concert on summerstage

If you are lucky and there is a concert in the park, you can lock Your bike outside of the SummerStage and take part Of the famous (and free) Central Park concerts.

central park bike rentals

6.Yoga in Central Park

There are many secluded places in the park, where one can find a place for a peaceful yoga class. Central Park is a perfect spot to get mindful and enjoy some peace


What People Say

frequently asked questions


I am already inside Central Park. Can I get the bike delivered to me?

Yes, we are the only company that offers bike delivery inside Central Park. After a successful reservation, you will be prompted to allow GPS coordinates and we will direct you to the nearest bike up zone in Central Park. Keep in mind that all bike zones are located in the lower half of Central Park. Once booked, you will be able to track where our concierge is and approximately how many minutes until the bikes arrive.

What kind of bikes do you offer? Hybrid, cruisers, speed bikes?

We have a wide range of bikes available. However, we have determined that the best bikes to explore the park are hybrid bikes. Our bike partners are KHS and FUJI. Each bike comes with a helmet and basket. In case you prefer a different bike, please contact us in advance to inquire about availability.

How big is Central Park and how long it will take me to bike around the whole park?

Central Park is the second largest urban park in the United States. It spans from 59th street all the way to 110 street. It is a bike friendly park with 2 bike lanes. There are no cars inside the park, so don’t worry. If you decide to bike around the whole park at a normal pace, it will take you around 90 minutes to complete the loop .

Is Central Park safe at night? When does the park close?

Central park remains closed for 5 hours during the night. It opens at 6pm and closes at 1pm. Anyone wandering around the park after hours will get a ticket from the park rangers or police. It is generally a very safe park and night and many people go biking in the late evenings when there are no tourists.

When I rent a bike for a full day, does it mean I can keep it overnight?

Our daily rentals are in accordance with our hours of operation. The full day rental is from 9am to 7pm. In case you want to keep the bike overnight, please speak to a representative, once you arrive in the store. We will need to arrange a bike storage, since you cannot leave the bike outside overnight

Do you offer tandem bikes and electric bikes?

Yes, we do offer tandem and electric bikes. Recently, NYC allowed electric assistance bikes and we are proud to provide access to them. We will be including the updated pricing on our website soon. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to our team for more information on Tandem and Electric bike rentals in Central Park