Wagner Cove

Do you want to visit one of Central Park’s least known locations? Sure you do!

Wagner Cove is a small location just next to The Lake. It has a rustic shelter with two wooden benches, and a lot of trees, flowers and some slate rocks. It is a distant, secluded spot, perfect for dates, and relaxing, quiet activities.
It is only accessible by a small path on the side of the water, which helps make the place even more secluded.
Due to its proximity to the lake it is often cooler in summer than most of the park.
It is named after New York City mayor Robert F. Wagner, who was in office in the 1950s. Its old name is Cherry Hill Boat Landing. And yes, the hill with the same name is just nearby.

The shelter is actually a part of an old dock, that was used to board passengers on boats, that went on the other side of The Lake.