Umpire Rock

Do you know that you can practice rock climbing in Central Park? Yes, you can! The place to go is Umpire rock! One of the few natural attractions in the Park, this rock foundation is dated to be between 190 million and 1.1 billion years old.

This ancient bedrock lies under the entire Manhattan, with all the skyscrapers standing atop of it! It was incorporated to the design of the Greensward plan partly due to the fact that the rock proved to be very hard to blast.
It turned out to be a great decision, due to the Rock’s popularity today.

The Umpire Rock is covered by mica and quarts minerals. It can be used as a geological timeline, dating back millennia, back when the Rock was formed Climbing the Rock gives you an amazing view towards most of the park, including Heckscher baseball fields and the Carousel.