The Ravine

It is quite easy to get lost in the Ravine. This large area of Central Park carries the vibe of distant wild woodland, hundreds of miles away from the heart of New York City. It was designed as a retreat for anyone, who can appreciate and marvel at the wonders of nature, thus bringing it to the heart of New York.

The North Woods span on 40 acres, and form a forest more suited to the untamed lands in Canada or Alaska.
They are crossed by the Loch – one of the many words for a lake that you can find in Central Park. The Loch crosses the North Woods, forming several small cascades and even some waterfalls.

To the south, you can find a couple of rustic arches – Huddlestone and Glen Span, who can do nothing but adding more to the wild and rugged, yet peaceful vibe of the Ravine.