The Carousel

The Carousel is one of the oldest attractions in Central Park, dating back to 1871. And one of the most popular, too – its 58 hand-carved horses (and two chariots) give more than a quarter million rides a year!

They are a wonderful example of traditional art, and were made by Solomon Stein and Harry Goldstein in 1908. The same can go for the fence, with its small bright horses, “running” on a band.
This is the fourth Carousel on this sight. The last one burned down in 1950. The current one was found by Park officials on a Coney Island trolley terminal. The one we have (and love) today was build thanks to a donation by the Michael Firedsam Foundation.

Weird as it sounds, but the Carousel wasn’t well received at first. However, it was well received, so park authority had to keep it. And that was 150 years ago!