Tavern on the green

The Tavern on the Green is a staple of both architecture and cuisine in Central Park. As weird as it may sound, it was once a sheepfold. The sheep were used to “mown” the Sheep Meadow between the 1870s until they were moved away in 1934 as a part of Robert Moses’ renovations, who turned it into a restaurant as a part of his large-scale renovations.

During the decades, Tavern on the Green faced numerous renovations of its own – dance floor, outdoor seating, and several owners, up until December 31, 2009 when it served its last meal.
The Tavern became a tourist center, opened in 2010. It operated as such until 2014 when it was reopened as a restaurant again under its current owners.

Tavern on the Green serves traditional American cuisine, and is widely known for its brunch menu, and burgers.

The Tavern made a “cameo” appearance in “Ghostbusters”.