Strawberry Fields

Strawberry fields is a popular location in Central Park and a place of cult worship. Named after the famous Beatles’ song “Strawberry Fields Forever”, it is dedicated to John Lennon, who for a time lived and was also killed nearby.

The Strawberry Fields is a rather large memorial, surrounded by a line of elm trees, flowers, and rocks. It is one of the designated quiet zones of Central Park. It was created as a commemoration to John Lennon, who lived just outside Central Park, at the Dakota, and where he was tragically murdered.
It was designed by landscape architect Arne Abramowitz in close cooperation with Yoko Ono. She requested that it should be a living monument, believing that “there are enough monuments in Central Park”.

Fans of The Beatles and of music as general used it as a place of worship and commemoration, often placing flowers and candles to pay their homage to the famous singer-songwriter. Two bigger events are October 9 and December 8 – his birthday and anniversary of his death.