Still Hunt

A panther stalks the East Drive, just at the crest of Cedar Hill. But it is not black, or even pink. It is made of bronze.

The beautiful statue is placed atop a small rock outcrop. Situated on a rock outcrop on the west side of the East Drive at the edge of the Ramble, the crouching animal has scared many joggers as they climb "Cat Hill" (formally Cedar Hill) and approach this life-size and realistic representation. It was created by American sculptor Edward Kemeys (1843–1907).
He got inspired to create wildlife sculptures after seeing a German sculptor creating a wolf head at the Central Park Zoo.
His idea was to creat it as realistic as possible, making it blend in the surroundings, thus being one of the very few monuments in Central Park without a plaque.

Unlike the traditional sculptures of other animals in the park that sit on a stone base or pedestal, Kemeys situated his sculpture directly on the rock ledge.

Kemeys was so interested in depicting his animals in a realistic mode that he traveled to the western states to see them in their native habitat.