Heckscher playground

Heckscher Playground is the oldest and largest playground in Central Park. It was equipped back in 1927, this makes it so old, that there’s a chance that your grandparents played there. It was something revolutionary back in the day. The concept of a “play ground” in the Greensward plan was totally different, involving the meadows and the recreational activities performed on them, at certain times of the day, and with strict rules about the activities. Heckscher Playground was the first playground of the type that we know today – a designated area with specific equipment, solely for entertainment and recreational uses. This was all thanks to the effort of two decades of advocacy.
The patron of the playground is August Heckscher – a German-born magnate, financier, and philanthropist, who arrived in New York in 1867. His first act of philanthropy was when he donated a piece of property to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. This piece of land, located on Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Streets was purchased in 1935 by the same organization. They gave it the name “Heckscher Playground”.

Heckscher Playground is best suited for kids between 6 and 12. It received reconstruction in 2005. It is an all-round playground with swings, slides, a maze, tunnels, ramps, and water features, divided into two areas for the different age groups. It has its own restrooms and snack carts, so you can spend a whole day playing just on it!
In 2006 they were reconstructed and now are a state of art, with natural turf outfields, clay infields, and new drainage and irrigation systems. The Ballfield Café is nearby, so you can go and celebrate your victory with a great atmosphere and style.