Delacorte Theater

Do you know where you can get to watch Shakespeare for free in New York City? The answer is Delacorte Theatre! There’s a catch – the theatre has “only” 1800 seats, who are not enough to accommodate those that want to see a show most of the times.
The Delacorte was established in 1962. Today it is the home of the Public theatre that often puts on stage Shakespeare and other classic plays.
Those performances are immensely popular due to a couple of more facts – they are used to introduce new faces to the stage (and we all know that Broadway is just down the road), as well as putting well established and popular actors on a free stage, like Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

He is best known for hosting the New York Shakespeare Festival every summer.
Each summer, the Joseph Papp Public Theater Association presents a series of plays including at least one play by William Shakespeare . These performances are free.