Central Park Zoo

Just a few yards away from 5th Avenue is hidden a small piece of the Tropics. Central Park Zoo is home to over 130 species. Visit the lemurs and emerald tree boas before stopping by to watch king penguins bob for fish. The Zooís most treasured animal is the snow leopard. Itís deadly, magnificent and can jump up to thirty feet when chasing prey.


The Zoo is located on more than five acres and uses them to recreate the natural habitats of the animals it is a home to. The best way to get to know the animals and the grounds is by competing in the Central Park Zoo Quest. This Scavenger hunt takes place between the 22nd of June and the 30th of October and will take you on an adventure around the Zoo. The questions are based around the animals, their life and their natural habitats. It will also answer the basic question of who is smarter: a penguin or a human being?

There is a 4D Theatre for everyone who is at least 6 years old. The entry is $7 per person or free when purchasing a Total Experience ticket.

Have you ever wanted to enter the World Guinness Records? Here is your chance. The zoo wants to create 35,000 elephant origami in honour of the elephants that are lost each year for their ivory. Currently they have 33,764 origamis made. Ask at the door and you will be provided with further information.

The Zoo is currently a home to gentoons, chinstraps and king penguins. If you visit at 10:30am or 2:30pm you will have the opportunity to watch them wobble and eat fish. If you happen to stop by at 11:30am, 1:30pm or 3:30pm you can see sea lions gobble through their fair share. The colder it is the more they eat. Sea lions need larger portions in the fall to build up insulation that keeps them warm in the winter.

A variety of programs for all ages run throughout the year. One of them is The Scout PJ Party, a scavenger hunt that takes place in the evening and ends with pizza and a spooky story. Anyone from kindergarten and above welcomed to join and pet the animals. The fee is $2,000 for up to 30 kids and 5 adults. PJs are highly encouraged. Visit the Zooís website to find about the other programs.

Children's Zoo

Right next to the Central Park Zoo, close to 64th Street and 5th Avenue, is the Tisch Children Zoo. It is an ideal place for toddlers to learn about the animal world in a safe environment. They can pet the sheep, pigs, goats and feed them. Appropriate food is available on location. There are bronze sculptures that when pressed help the children learn the sounds that each animal makes. Ticket price is included in the Central Park Zoo entrance fee.

Monkeys, polar bears and sea lions live here. But the Children Zoo is special, because it is the home of the only cow that lives in Manhattan. Bring your children for feeding time between 10:00am and 2:00pm and watch them giggle with joy as they watch animals make a mess. The Zoo is open all year around.

What Else To See in Central Park

There are plenty of places and things to see and do in Central Park. From the Belvedere Castle, nearby Turtle Pond to quiet and relaxing Conservatory Garden, Wollman Rink and the world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art, you won't find yourself short of places to visit!

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