Balto Statue

Balto is a four-legged hero and somewhat of a pop culture icon. In January 1925, the small Alaskan town of Nome suffered by diphtheria (diftheeria) outbreak. The disease mostly struck children and was spreading very quickly. The illness could easily be contained with a certain antitoxin, but the town doctors were out of it, so it was threatening the lives of thousands within and out of the town.

Doctors and town authorities decided to call for help from Anchorage, but this was a mission (nearly) impossible because it was in the middle of the winter.The only way to provide the required medicine was by dogsleds. More than twenty sleds have ventured, and among them was Gunnar Kasson with his team leader Balto – an Alaskan malamute.
The whole story spread all over the US. The whole country was watching closely this race with time, winter, disease, and amongst the sleds. So, when Kasson and Balto delivered the antitoxin in time, they received celebrity status. Kasson was quoted in saying "I couldn't see the trail. Many times I couldn't even see my dogs. I gave Balto, my lead dog, his head, and trusted him. He never once faltered. It was Balto who led the way. The credit is his."
This made the people of New York to get together and donate to erect a statue commemorating Balto’s feat.

Balto survived the whole journey and toured the US along with the rest of the dogs from the sled. He was even present at the ceremony of the unveiling of the statue.
Balto’s statue is an all-round favorite. Kids enjoy “riding” it for a photo. There’s a plague on it saying “Endurance · Fidelity · Intelligence.”