Advertise with us

If you are an owner of a small or medium business operating in New York City and you are trying to approach your target market more effectively and efficiently and at the same time popularize your services we provide customized advertising solutions for your business. Advertise on a pedicab and watch your product message move all over midtown Manhattan.

Advertising on these environmentally friendly vehicles could be a very powerful tool to inform your potential customers and stand out from the crowd!. This unique method of advertising showed to be extremely successful and eye-catching.

You can make your advertising campaign more effective by telling us which areas you want to be covered and in what specific hours of the day and we will send our pedicabs there. By narrowing doing the location and the hours of your advertising campaign you will maximize the impact of your ad and at the same time save money.

Central Park Tours offers your company exposure for 8-12 hours a day on one or many pedicabs, depending on your needs and budget. Your ad will be seen by thousands of people all over Midtown Manhattan each day.

If you are interested in advertising on our pedicabs, please contact us or give us a call at +1 (718) 419-3222